Repair of hydraulic cylinders

All working structures wear out with time and unfortunately this is also true for hydraulic cylinders.

We offer our clients maintenance and repair of hydraulic cylinders. We will repair your old cylinder and replace worn-out elements.

Replacement of hydraulic cylinders

It often happens that it is not reasonable to repair an old cylinder or even it is not possible any more. In such a case we will manufacture a new cylinder for you with exactly the same parameters as your old one and you can continue using your equipment with the new hydraulic cylinder.

Turning service

We offer turning service on our CNC turning machine Doosan Lynx 220LM.
Limit measures of an element to be turned:

Max. diameter of an element above guide surfaces

510 mm

Max. diameter of an element above the support

290 mm

Recommended turning diameter

170 mm

Max. turning diameter

250 mm

Max. turning length

510 mm

Max. processing diameter of the bar

51 mm

Max. permitted weight with a chuck

– Processing with chuck fastening

70 kg

– Shaft processing between centres

130 kg